Tuesday, 17 April 2012

me,,and money....!!!!

how many of us keep saying i dont use phones soo much , i dont understand the point in spending thousands on that stupid gadget !!!!!!!!!!!well , i dont know about you people i am one one among those people.. not because i dont use my stupid phone but necause the latest sexy mobiles which have everything costs a big hole in my wallet.. what better way to say it than saying the mobiles not worth that money.. no but im getting one.. thats my next target.. for a gal like me who had just started her career and balancing between work, family, education and relationship, savings is important because i want to eat and live out of my own money...some call this attitude some call this character..
 its not that i would not love to live,spend and enjoy my boyfriends, brothers or parents money..but its just that i have realised that its enuough now ,as i have spent a lot already and its time to feel what its like to spend your own money.. its a great feeling.....really!!but when even before its middle of the month you check your account balance and its already in 4 digits its soo hard on us.. thats when i realise the stare i used to get from my mom when i used to come home after  shopping during college days...mom now i understand the value of money which you wanted me to learn long back..i finally learn it after few months of empty wallets by the end of the months,.. now i value saving and money..but still an expensive phone and a branded handbag wouldnt hurt...its ok to have empty wallets for those....hmmm....i just wrote this now because i just checked my account balance and price of the phone and handbag i wanted to buy!!!!!!just wondering what a life?????

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