Monday, 16 April 2012

what do you call it when you love speaking to a person for hours together without even a purpose???
hardly do i  know this person, thers no reason behind these talks, but we talk .. talk ...
i dnt understand why do i tolerate all his mistakes and all those irritating behaviours of his??

but somewhere it doesnt make me feel like im tolerating..thats the muse of it...its not tht you cant go through with
the day witout this person..but somewer you get the feeling as though the day was not that great without that call...why do i even get jealous when i hear this person was speaking with a gal or why do i think why is his damned phone busy..wake up to his text and go to bed with his is that i just can love to speak wit him for the things he says????

i wouldnt term it love yet.. coz i have been there and knows how it feels.. how strange can this be.. i know not that strange...thats my bloody just had my dinner.. was writing this post.. when his call came and how stupid i was to tell him what i was writing and giving him an oppurtunity to ask so what is your conclusion?? and all i had to say was.. well not say.. smile sheepishly ...hmmm.. life is so cofusing but sometimes it is so convincing as well.. we all dont get prince charming.. but we do get a prince of our hearts who can charm us ...
i dont know why am i talking about prince charming now.. anyways.. im just like this.. a gal of many words..actually not always..
i must stop getting excited right now...go and try getting some sleep..and speak with him..and sleep with his good night.. i jus love him when he calls me a now let me go and get some sleep..

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