Monday, 16 April 2012


Monsoon is by far a bartender at the counter who is an expert in the making of his own cocktail of emotions,with a hint of magic by a fairy..isn't it..monsoons can make us all have different emotions..some laugh, cry,love,hate,etc...but sure we have some feeling to relate to it..
Rain has always been something i loved,adored and eagerly waited for since my childhood.rain which is an magic of nature has a fairy along with it ..she makes the magic work..she spreads smiles on few faces,frowns on few few faces, tear drop rolling down few faces..she spreads the emotions with her magic of monsoon..she makes sure every soul eagerly wait for her in one way or the other..she enjoys the play of emotions on our faces ...
she does make sure that she brings every emotions in this world to action during her visit.I really would love to be in her shoes to learn how she does this magic wonder with emotions..the sight of her coming at night is soo lovely .. she looks really amazing with the pitch darkness of night except for the moon light ,she twinkles and shines and falls as a diamond drop spreading smiles all over the ground in the form of ripples ..such a a child i have read fairy tales describing fairies to be beautiful but as a grown up i realized how beautiful they can be,in the presence of this monsoon fairy...
In her presence i have always had memories worth cherishing and worth forgetting..i have laughed and played with paper boats made by my father and i have cried after a emotional fight with loved ones out in her presence..she sure is an ecstasy in its purest form..nothing can be compared to the feeling of making up after a fight with ur loved ones in her presence it gets much more warmer and closer to the heart.. And the nights sleep when she is around, it's all the more cozy and cuddled up and comforting as a mother's lap..different people different emotions but same feeling and reason.. its her ..her presence that makes us relate to different emotions..does'n she..oh yeah..she is master at it..
I'm no big writer to write about her beauty or bountifulness..but i could'n stop myself from writing this blog as i sit near the window seeing her smile and hum the best melodies of all time.. her presence is just a feel which could only be expressed by experiencing it rather than trying to pen it down..
I always love u my only known fairy..i eagerly wait ur coming forever and ever.
will miss i take off on this flight to Mumbai..

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